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How to protect your airbnb in San Bernardino

March 18, 2022

Regardless of whether you rent out the family lake house or you run a diverse portfolio of Airbnbs, it’s often a challenge to protect your rental properties in San Bernardino. With metal keys to multiple renters, it’s easy to worry about disappearing valuables or former visitors showing up out of the blue. And what should you do in the event of a fire or flood at your rental unit while you're offsite?

From smart locks to completely automated home security packages, here's a quick guide on how to protect your Airbnb in San Bernardino. 

Stop hiding keys with your San Bernardino smart locks

When a guest moves on, they may leave the keys behind for the next guest. However, if someone grabbed or secretly made copies of a key, they could sneak back in later. Of course, you might change the locks when a key is “misplaced”, but that takes time and money.

Fortunately, you are now able to put in smart locks that work in conjunction with your security system to counter these concerns. You will then provide every guest their own unique entry code. When your occupants depart, there’s no reason to mess with an exchange of keys. Instead, simply program the temporary code to deactivate when they vacate the property. If previous lodgers return and make an attempt to enter with their previous access code on the number pad, you will be warned with a message on your phone.

Smart home technology makes available rentals look occupied

Of course, you hope that your San Bernardino rental property will be occupied, but that isn’t likely to always be true. Nevertheless, you always want to make it seem that someone is home so your Airbnb isn’t targeted by thieves. Incorporating a security system with home automation gives you the chance to benefit from smart light bulbs, motion sensors, and surveillance systems that make your home seem inhabited.

You can put your plan in motion by scheduling your smart lights to turn on at specified times of the day. You will also set your cell phone app to alert you if your cameras spot an intruder hiding in the shadows or coming to your primary entry. You then are able to use the 2-way talk functionality so they know you can see them or program your lights to automatically come on when a camera or motion sensor discerns suspicious activity.

Protect your San Bernardino Airbnb with 24-hour monitoring

Your occupants can sleep easy if they are safeguarded against intruders, especially when San Bernardino is not familiar to them. When a thief attempts to gain entry, your home alarm system will not only initiate the alarm siren but will also ping your around-the-clock monitoring team. Regardless of your location, help will be on its way. Your monitoring specialists will even act as your point person and patch you in whenever you're able.

In addition to home invasions, your monitoring team can link to fire alarms, flood sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors. It would be understandably upsetting for your guest if a pipe bursts or something catches fire. Not only will you get a smartphone update that an emergency has occurred, but an agent is also able to authorize emergency services while you're on the way.

Order a modern home security package in San Bernardino

Protect your San Bernardino Airbnb with a state-of-the-art home security system. Luckily, Vivint provides great features like smart lighting, smart door locks, and 24/7 monitoring. Contact us today and our experienced team will help you customize a plan that makes sense for your property. Call (909) 324-3685 or complete the form today!